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Stefany Reed, a Manhattan woman, is charged with assault, but says that she was not the paddler.If the case is not thrown out, the defense may be forced to challenge an obsolete Puritan law, the so-called “Appleby Statute.” In the name of “chastity, morality, decency and good order,” this regulation deems “all objects for self-abuse and prevention of conception” illegal (“self-abuse” means masturbation).First, the case may be dismissed on niggling factual details.Ben Davis, who hosted the party, is charged with running a business without a license and operating a prostitution ring, because he asked for a donation at the door; he claims he was not running a business.

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The term was coined by a support group organized around defendant Ben Davis.

Most guests at the Attleboro party were not locals.

In that sense, this is a classic American clash: one person’s inalienable rights are another person’s ruined neighborhood.

But applied to [the Attleboro] case, it doesn’t make sense. Everybody involved did really want what was happening and enjoyed it.” It’s being used as a way of outlawing SM, she adds. has already paid Davis’ lawyer’s ,000 retainer (they raised the money at Boston’s Fetish Fair Fleamarket and through their website), and the ACLU in Massachusetts is interested in pursuing a civil rights suit against the Attleboro police.

“This is actually questioning whether or not you are allowed to practice SM, and whether spanking someone with a wooden spoon is assault.” With advocacy groups like the NCSF, the National Leather Association and the Paddleboro Defense League at the forefront, the entire SM community in Boston is rallying around the Attleboro accused. A number of people inside the scene speculate that the cops went in knowing about the Appleby law — in other words, prepared to find a sex party.But the legal attack could have an upside for SM enthusiasts.