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28-Dec-2017 05:53

It draws your way the attention of enemies who have the capacity to hurt you like bees.It does not attract nice people to decorate you with praise and make you feel good.Everybody will not applaud you for doing the right thing and for producing great results.

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Don’t be surprised if doing the will of God produces envy in others.

Here is an article that came out in June – that should be of interest to those who work with Emerging Adults.

According to the Pew Research, 47% of white evangelical adults born after 1964 favor same-sex marriage, up from 29% in March 2016.

And they get training for how to work through arguments.

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They talk with a minister or counselor about things like values and family history and sex.

Aside from the desire to steer a relationship into a successful marriage, the reasons people seek pre-engagement counseling are surprisingly varied.