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If the contribution is made by check, the account holder will receive a confirmation statement, but the name of the contributor will not be disclosed.

Once you’ve enrolled in Future Scholar, it’s easy to make a contributions.

This option is useful to investors who wish to contribute a lump sum, such as an inheritance to a 529 plan.

Remaining funds can be used for educational expenses not covered by the scholarship, or a new beneficiary can be named.

Money in your account grows free from federal and South Carolina state income taxes.

These college savings investment vehicles provide tax advantages when funds are used for qualified college expenses. There are no age, income or family relationship limits. You can even open an account with yourself as the beneficiary, to help with your own higher educational expenses.

Family and friends can even establish Future Scholar accounts for the same child, as long as the total of all accounts does not exceed the overall contribution limit of 6,000 per beneficiary. As an account owner, you determine who will use the money.Contribution limits apply to the beneficiary, not the account owner or contributor.