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21-Sep-2017 23:23

For this adventure, we made custom supports for the Life Straw Go on the bike itself, so we could drink easily while riding the bike which was super convenient.You can attach it to your backpack or even your belt. The Life Straw Mission, it is the biggest volume from the Life Straw products we tried.Such a journey need careful preparation and a quest for the right equipment.When looking for solutions for drinkable water, we were fortunate enough to be supported by Life Straw.We were worried we wouldn’t feel thirsty until too late, worried by many other issues on the road.

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We did manage to find ways to get water in most of these areas, either by buying bottled water in small shops or using pills to threat the water chemically (and waiting for the it to be effective).Even in huge cities like New Delhi, you are better not to trust any small street shops selling water in plastic bottles, even if they look like they are closed.