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It was such a nightmare, and I remember thinking, What I was putting into acting and what I was getting out just wasn’t satisfactory to me at a certain point. EAM: I cried so hard when I walked out…In the beginning I took her little by little. ’ And it’s like, ‘Actually, I feel crazy beyond words.’ So that was super hard for me. She was upset and I was upset and I still had to drive home. MT: Is there anything that you’ve attempted to do with Marlowe that you’ll absolutely never do again? One time I was trying to go to Nashville from Los Angeles and I ended up having a 23-hour travel day, with an emergency landing. Why did you feel like it was important to share that?MT: Did you always imagine that you’d have a daughter? I felt such a desire to have a daughter, so it’s so special that I got to experience that. Then, that first day when I wasn’t going to be with her all day, I dropped her off and said ‘Bye, Marlowe, I’ll be here later to pick you up.’ And she said, ‘Okay, mama.’ And then I said, ‘Give me a kiss,’ so she gave me a kiss and then she looked at me and said, ‘Bye, Mama,’ like ‘Get out of here.’ She loves it. I struggled until she was about 4-months-old and then things got really good when she was 8-months-old. EAM: Traveling with her by myself is the absolute worst. EAM: I feel better about myself and about my life when I’m being as honest with myself as possible.It was so fun to find out we were expecting a little boy at the same time as everyone there.MT: Does Marlowe understand that she’s going to be a big sister yet? EAM: Physically, it’s been much more challenging this time around.

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I was also much more nauseous this time than with her but thankfully it has more or less subsided now that I’m in my second trimester.I wanted to get her on a schedule right away, so that our lives would be organized.She eats at specific times and sleeps at specific times.Marlowe is the fourth generation of first-born girls in my family. MT: Which was more difficult for you: The newborn phase or the toddler phase? I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is why people have more than one of these.’MT: What was it about the age of 8 months that you loved? They’re not too mobile where they’re falling everywhere but they’re super giggly and really interactive. I find parenting to be the hardest thing in my life…

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It was just easier as opposed to treading water every day, which is what I felt like I was doing when she was a newborn. We were out one time and she came down with the stomach flu and threw up all over herself. I feel like it is the most humbling experience ever and it makes me feel so vulnerable.

MT: What’s the most mortifying parenting moment you’ve ever had in public? Tantrums and meltdowns in public don’t really bother me. Yet, for some reason, people think a way to combat that is by hiding and by not leaning on other people. MT: Would you hire another nanny, or have you sworn off nannies forever?