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There is much variation ahead, but as of Wednesday, estimated winds for when Irma is expected to hit Florida on the weekend could be around 205 km/h. More recently, the Category 5 storm Andrew in 1992 packed winds estimated at over 268 km/h when it crossed south Florida.Residents in a Louisiana town sift through the rubble of Hurricane Andrew on Aug. Andrew, which caused damage between Louisiana and Florida, was considered the costliest hurricane in the U. Athena Masson, a Ph D candidate at the University of Toronto who studies Atlantic hurricanes, told CBC News Network on Wednesday that Andrew may end up being the best comparable to Irma.James Done of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., told CBC on Wednesday.Generally speaking, in the Americas and Caribbean that means billions in property damage and industry losses, but loss of life can and has been mitigated in recent times by improved warning systems and methods of communicating to people in a storm's path, including through social media and the internet.According to a 2011 study by the National Weather Service, just seven of the 50 deadliest hurricanes dating back to 1851 in the U. had occurred in the preceding 25 years, while over two-thirds of the costliest hurricanes occurred during that same period.

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Flooding and mudslides accounted for the large majority of fatalities in Nicaragua and Honduras.28, 2017, and damaged goods surround the same homes on Sept. The index considers offshore and onshore winds, wave and coastal surge damage potential, among other factors.

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