Dead end dating series list

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Tara and Eugene try to encourage her to help Holly as she bleeds out on the table.

Denise ultimately agrees to help, but fails anyways as Holly dies. It is implied that she stabs Holly in the head to prevent reanimation afterwards.

Tara tells her that being afraid is a fear you have to overcome to survive. Denise is later seen witnessing Jessie put down a zombified Betsy and listens to her speech about the new world.

After some more careful reading through her books, Denise manages to find a way to stabilize Scott's infection.

Denise gets angry at Owen, tearing up, and tells him that the things he has done, such as killing people, are unjustifiable.

He replies that he had freed the people he has murdered.

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Morgan knocks Carol out before Owen does the same to Morgan immediately after. ", after Morgan is knocked unconscious, before Owen turns and points a knife at her.The Wolf approaches her with the knife, backing her against the wall.She exclaims that he is "so full of shit", bringing Owen to a chuckle.Denise is first seen being confronted by Morgan, who doesn't get the chance to tell her why he's there, as he is interrupted by Rick's arrival. The discussion leads to further probing by Denise, and Morgan finally admits that he isn't the one who needs antibiotics.

He tells Denise that the presence of the individual in need of treatment (Owen) is a secret.

and face your..." Denise Cloyd is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead.