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Housing ,education system and schools ,job and carrier opportunities in Greece, television and media ,videos, pictures , Greek maps ,reviews and holiday articles.

I have a dear friend that is married to a Greek Man.

Along with intellectual accomplishments those of creature comforts represent a second significant benchmark for Greek civilization.

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Hellenistic Greek houses were typically centered on an internal peristyle court, with rooms opening onto and arranged in rectangular fashion around this.

One such house, the House of the Herms, excavated in 1949-1950, stands on the low heights above the islands harbor.

Its builders designed the house to exploit the slope's uneven terrain to full advantage.

I find her opinions very interesting so I decided to put them on this blog, here is her humble opinions:"It is not easy.

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Being married to anyone takes effort, hard work, patience and understanding but being in a close relationship with anyone outside of your own culture is all of this...some more!(Bearing in mind that reaching this point means going through the Greek drama outlined in 1 above).