Dating kid man older problem woman younger

07-Oct-2017 21:54

Getting awkward questions (wait, do you know each other?! I find it difficult to explain to people how my relationship came to be.

I’m often asked how we met—and not in a giddy kind of way (it’s more like concern).

Evolutionary psychologists say that relationships like this often occur because while fertility lasts only from puberty to menopause in women, it starts at puberty and can extend long into midlife for lots of men.

That means there’s a strategic advantage for women to snag an older gent—he’s had more time to accumulate resources and stability than his younger counterparts, which could make him a more viable partner and father.

From what I’ve gathered, a man in his 20s is more likely to blow his cash on frivolous things, while men in their 30s and are likely to save money for the future or for experiences, like a romantic vacation (wink, wink). “He texted me an hour after I texted him.” “What should I text him back? I can still remember the days when I’d utter those words and essentially have an anxiety attack every time my phone buzzed and it was a guy my own age I’d been casually seeing.

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I have to admit it’s comforting to be in a serious relationship with someone who’s somewhat financially responsible (read: less impulsive).I can recall numerous situations—work issues, arguments with people—that my boyfriend was able to help me with based on his own mistakes and victories.

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