Dating a spiritually immature man

07-Oct-2017 15:57

Wesley saw Christianity as something we are, not just something we do.

He believed faith really and truly changed our character, and that the reality of faith wasn’t demonstrated by what doctrines we held to but the state of our souls—humility, love, peace, joy, and perseverance.

Don’t we resent the faults of others, particularly our loved ones, rather than see them as helping us achieve the sum of the Christian life?

Don’t we have to sometimes even obsess over the evil that comes our way begging others to notice, agree with us, and feel sorry for us, rather than see these evils as necessary trials on the way to maturity and a more solid faith in God? I can’t tell you how many women have dragged husbands or boyfriends into my office and all but asked me to “fix them.” Wesley might have told these women that such husbands are in a sense gifts as they are giving their wives the ability to develop patience, long-suffering, forbearance, and humility, which together comprise, in his view at least, the “sum of the Christian life.” The difference?

It was a clear situation of a man on fire for God married to a woman who made time for God on Sunday but whose life probably didn’t revolve around serving God.

Popular Christian talk would call them “unequally yoked.” When Wesley’s wife left him for the last time, Wesley wrote in his journal that he didn’t send her away, but he also wasn’t going to go after her.

Does that not put your current struggles of marriage into a different light?

: don’t let the title of this blog lead you into foolishness.

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To be honest, he probably should never have gotten married. What I’m about to say may not be very popular, but watch the popular decisions of the popular people you know and you’ll find things generally don’t turn out too well for them in the end.

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