Audi updating stereo

16-Oct-2017 15:42

Audi launched the new A8 at a lavish event in Barcelona yesterday, revealing a car that is absolutely loaded with clever tech, from road-reading suspension to a fully digitized cockpit.But the headline feature is the incredibly sophisticated Audi AI semi-autonomous driver assist.It can only be turned on when the car is on freeways with a barrier separating traffic heading in the other direction, and handles the throttle, braking and steering.

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GA7150S) Android 6.0 OS, 2GB RAM, Quad-Core, 16GB ROM, 12GB for Apps, 1024*600 HD screen, Bluetooth 3.0 GA7-A (ie.

GA7150A) Android 6.0 OS, 2GB RAM, Octa-Core, 32GB ROM, 26GB for Apps, 1024*600 HD screen, Bluetooth 3.0 GA6 Series (ie.

(retained accessory power) ● Provides NAV outputs (parking brake reverse speed sense) ● Retains audio controls on the steering wheel ● Retains RSE (rear seat entertainment) ● Retains SAT (satellite radio) ● Retains SYNC ● Retains the factory AUX-IN jack ● Can be used in both non-amplified and amplified models (including Sony/THX) ● Retains balance and fade (excluding Sony/THX)FEATURES AND BENIFITS ● Plug and play, no cutting of wires required ● Allows connection of any audio device with 3.5mm headphone or RCA socket ● Direct audio input, superior sound quality to an FM Modulator2x RCA Audio input allowing the use of an external audio source such as an i POD, MP3 player with your factory car stereo.

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GA6150) Android 5.1 OS, 1GB RAM, Quad-core, 16GB ROM, 2GB for Apps, 1024*600 HD screen, Bluetooth 4.0 GA5 Series Android 4.4 OS, 1GB for Apps, 800*480 resolution screen, Bluetooth 2.0 D-Z Series (ie.